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ng. The security breach was caught on surveillance video, which helped authorities track down the suspect. The video showed a man in a tan jacket waiting at the exit-way where pass

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h measures activity in the U.S. service sector, dropped to 52.9 in October from 53 in September, the Institute for Supply Management (ISM) said in its monthly survey of the servi

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g that the railway renovation process that Argentina is undergoing was carried out by China in the late 1990s, he said: " This means Argentina could take advantage of our experie

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between our two countries," said Obama in a statement. The president described the U.S.-Britain alliance as "a bond that has endured for generations and across party lines" and "i

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rd the gunfire, confronted the suspect, then shot and wounded him, Undersheriff Larry Waldie told local TV KTLA Channel 5 at the scene. The deputy fired two shots, hitting the sus

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hers injured.? Full story 4 killed, 16 wounded in U.S. Army base shooting HOUSTON, April 2 (Xinhua) -- A soldier opened fire at the U.S. Army post of Fort Hood in Texas on Wednesday

猫咪官方社区官网 -杯子上印二维码

nternational community to build on these regional efforts by making our long-term commitment to Afghanistan clearer and more specific," the statement added. Special Report: Afghan