hat an emergency operations center has been set up at the City Hall, in case it's needed. The patient, who came from Liberia to see his relatives in the U.S., has been in isolatio.

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, which made stricter rules for lobbyists, reduced the maximum donations to political parties by individuals and corporations, and allowed greater public scrutiny of government-ow.

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nday to discuss whether to stop rescue efforts and start recovering bodies of the missing, State Civil Protection Director Alfredo Escobedo Ortiz said. The name and details of the.

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arrival, Chavez expressed his will "to build peace."?Full story BOGOTA, July 6 (Xinhua) -- Colombia's president-elect said Tuesday that he was pleased with Ecuadorian President Ra.

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U.S. cities broke into violent clashes with peaceful protesters, leading to concerns about the excessive use of police force. About 30 people were arrested Thursday in Oakland, Ca.

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former Massachusetts governor raised 14.2 million dollars in campaign funds from July to September, less than his main competitor Rick Perry's third quarter haul. Romney's third q .

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zilian Finance Minister Guido Mantega announced a series of tax cuts to boost domestic consumption Thursday. The measure took place a day after Brazil's Central Bank Monetary Polic.

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uncil will coordinate such institutions as the Bank of Mexico, the Treasury Ministry and national commissions of insurances and finance. It will assess the viability of each finan.

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plan with specific actions to counteract the negative economic impact and unemployment along the border with Venezuela after the two nations broke off diplomatic ties. Caracas sev.

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